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Meet our team.

Jennifer Thomas

Running our Reno branch, Jennifer has been an experienced entrepreneur for over 13 years. Here speciality includes restaurants and non-profits.

Melissa Burke

Running the Portland branch, Mellissa is an experienced executive who has supported accounting for multi-million dollar organizations.

Our Homebase

Our Homebase is located in Northern Nevada, home to Lake Tahoe and Reno.
A little bit about the new Reno

Today, Reno is pioneering an economic future as one of the United States’ clean energy, technology, and entrepreneurial leaders. Our region is home to 13 geothermal companies and a number of advanced manufacturers. Reno was recently cited by the Kauffman Foundation as the country’s “most consistent standout” for startups. And with Nevada’s designation as one of six national test sites for Unmanned Aerial Systems, there is an emerging concentration of aviation, research-and-development, and high-tech industries.